Holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas) in Canada

Holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas) in Canada

Holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas) in Canada

I’m sorry I couldn’t/didn’t manage to publish an article about those three holidays earlier, but my laptop is broken since then so it’s hard to write long articles on my smart phone.


This year nothings “normal “, so instead of spending the day at home with the grandparents and a turkey, my host mom had to work and so I offered to cook some Schnitzel and Spätzle as that still would be a “special meal”. Obviously the grandparents couldn’t come by.

So as I woke up that day, I started the day off with some exercises and some phone calls. Then I had to stand in the kitchen for a long time, but fortunately it was worth it and the whole family loved it, especially the kids! After dinner, we played some “Just Dance” and I stayed up and talked to the parents for a long time. It was definitely a beautiful day but of course (also because of Covid) not the cliché Thanksgiving you would expect from American movies.


Halloween was lots of fun. We had decorated the inside of the house with a massive amount of things (Skeletons, spiders etc.) as we didn’t want the outside of the house overly decorated (as the kids wouldn’t go trick-or-treating we didn’t have candy for others (the neighbourhood kids wouldn’t go either)). I woke up at 7:30h to start playing online games with a bunch of friends from Germany. We played a loooot (I think six hours) but it was so funny and I was just really happy to hear them and be able to talk to them in a group and longer than just 10 minutes. Later in the evening I played a bit with the kids and after that  we went and got ourselves a Donair (which is a bit like a Yufka but with a different sauce and another kind of tortilla wrap. It was giant and one would have sufficed for three meals xD) and watched Hotel Transylvania 2. After the kids had gone to bed, I played “Cards Against Humanity” with my host parents and a friend of theirs (online). It was really a nice day (even though I couldn’t experience the whole trick-or-treating flair).
Did you go trick-or-treating? Or how did you spend your Halloween?


(If you didn’t know it yet, in Canada Christmas is celebrated on the 25th in the morning.)
On Christmas Eve (24.12.2020) we spent a lot of time decorating lots of cookies for Santa and gingerbread houses that the kids had gotten. Of course we also decorated the house and Christmas tree a few days before. The kids were so excited that Christmas was finally here and they were crazy the whole week before.
Fortunately we had already wrapped a lot of presents on the 21st so we had more time on Christmas Eve.
Also, we had an amazing supper: Meat fondue with different sauces and vegetables. Before going to bed the kids put on their brand new Christmas PJs and went to  bed without making a big fuss because they were excited to wake up the next day.
So my host parents and I played an online game with a friend and at midnight we started putting the presents under the Christmas tree. I had to wake up at 3:30h to have a phone call with my parents and my whole family, so I just slept 2 1/2 hours but that was OK.
After I had finished my video call the kids “woke me up“ at 7 o’clock (of course I was already awake). We looked at our stocking presents, which took about 1 1/2 hours because the kids were so excited and started to play with all the things they‘d gotten.
After that we ate some breakfast (waffles, bacon, maple syrup, strawberries (yes, in December!), eggs, juice and all the things you could wish for). Later on we started to open the “normal” Christmas presents and holy moly it took about four hours. The grandparents were on a TV screen in the living room and could see everything via FaceTime. And oh my God I got so spoiled! Also, I felt bad, because I didn’t get my house parents “big” presents.
After the little lunch I finally had my shower and the kids were busy playing with their new toys etc..
So all in all my Christmas was just wonderful and wasn’t really affected by Covid. As in Germany I already used to celebrate Christmas on the 25th it didn’t make a difference for me and even if it was hard to not spend Christmas with my family at home, my family here made this Christmas a very special one that I won’t ever forget and I’m really thankful for everything they’re doing for me.

I know this article is a bit late but I had quite a few difficulties and it’s better now than never. I still wish you a happy new year 2021 and hope that this one will be better than the last. How did you celebrate Christmas in 🇨🇦/in the 🌍/🇩🇪 ?

Thanks for reading this! I hope that you’re all doing fine and that 2021 will be a better year for aupairs than 2020 was!



P.S.: I’ll soon be able to post some pictures in my picture gallery, so stay tuned!

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